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Black Forest and Swiss Sandwich (Pack of 6)$51.00
Black Forest Ham And Swiss (Pack of 6)$5.50
Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese (Pack of 6)$49.50
Caprese Sandwich (Pack of 6)$54.00
Ceasar (Pack of 6)$5.50
Ceasar Wrap (Pack of 6)$5.50
Chicken Caesar Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Chicken Cobb Wrap (Pack of 6)$4.83
Chipotle Turkey Multigrain Bread (Pack of 6)$51.00
Chipotle Turkey Sandwich (Pack of 6)$51.00
Cuban Pork Panini (Pack of 6)$7.00
Cubano Whole Wheat Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Curry Chicken Salad Whole Wheat Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Curry Chicken Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Falafel Vegetable Whole Wheat Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Falafel Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Grilled Chicken Multigrain Bread (Pack of 6)$51.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Pack of 6)$60.00
Ham & Cheese Sandwich (Pack of 6)$54.00
Ham And Cheese Croissants (Pack of 6)$6.50
Ham and Swiss Whole Wheat Sandwich (Pack of 6)$36.00
Hogie Chicken Milanese (Pack of 6)$6.93
Hogie Mozzarella Caprese (Pack of 6)$6.16
Hogie Turkey Apple Brie (Pack of 6)$6.54
Italian Grinder Sub (Pack of 6)$8.00
Italian Hoagie (Pack of 6)$54.00
Italian Wrap (Pack of 6)$54.00
Low-Fat Chicken Salad Spinach Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Low-Fat Wrap (Pack of 6)$5.50
Mexican Chipotle Chicken Whole Wheat Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Smoked Turkey Whole Wheat Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Smoked Turkey Wrap (Pack of 6)$54.00
Tuna Panini (Pack of 6)$5.50
Tuna Salad Sandwich (Pack of 6)$54.00
Tuna Salad Tomato Basil Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Tuna Wrap (Pack of 6)$51.00
Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches (Pack of 6)$54.00
Turkey And Swiss (Pack of 6)$5.50
Turkey Bacon Panini (Pack of 6)$7.00
Turkey Caprese Wrap (Pack of 6)$54.00
Vegetable Hummus Wrap (Pack of 6)$54.00