Chicken Tikka Bowl

Antibiotic-free chicken breast roasted with ginger, tamarind, and orange, served with lentils, garbanzo beans, roasted sweet potato, arugula leaves. Our nonfat Greek yogurt dressing with lemon, garlic, and mint, is on the side, orange slices on top. Gluten free.


Garbanzo Beans, Lentils, Sweet Potato, Arugula, Chicken, Tamarinds, Orange, Milk, Cultures, Oil Blend (canola oil, corn oil), Ginger Root, Garlic, Salt, Spices. Dressing: Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Mint.


Bowl: Milk.
Dressing: Milk.

Produced in a facility that also process, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, wheat and soy.

Shelf Life

On average, items stay fresh for 4-5 days after delivery.

chicken tikka bowl
chicken tika bowl
chicken tikka bowl